Bettina Slusar

Bettina Slusar is the Founder of NewCo, a radically different approach to leadership development aimed at helping business people become better leaders. Before creating this company, Bettina was a corporate SVP at SunGard Data Systems, overseeing the program responsible for SunGard’s top clients. In this role she was one of three operating officers reporting to the CEO, with revenue responsibilities approaching 1 billion dollars. In the prior 10+ years at SunGard she held a variety of management positions in both sales and operations, including 3 years as President of a key Operating Company. Earlier career highlights include serving as director of sales for Tech Hackers, a start-up in financial software, and as the managing director of Steps on Broadway, a large professional dance studio in NYC. In addition to business and family, she allocates time to serve as a Trustee for the Harris Theater for Music and Dance in Millennium Park where she recently co-founded the Family Consortium, and as a team member providing hot lunches for the homeless at the Church of our Savior. Bettina holds a BA from Brown University in International Relations. She lives in Chicago with her husband, children and dogs.

Gaynor Levisky

Gaynor is a certified Coach, specializing in Life, Weight Loss, and Career Coaching as well as Life/Balance, Leadership, Training, and Personal Growth. She uses her 16 years of corporate facilitation and leadership skills to lead groups through transformational workshops that change their relationship with themselves and their lives. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and was trained as a life coach by Dr. Martha Beck, a bestselling author and monthly columnist for O Magazine. Her work in the field of Human Resources includes acting as Manager of Learning and Development at IMV Projects, and as Learning Consultant at ATB Financial where she held a long term position. She is also the founder of CraveLife, company dedicated to empowering women and men to crave & create amazing lives. She resides in Calgary, Canada with her husband and two children.

Eli Shostak

Sharing wild places and educational adventures with people of all ages has been a theme throughout Eli Shostak's career. A long time guide and instructor, the list of people with whom Eli has worked includes some of the top expedition and adventure education companies in North America. Eli spent a significant amount of time working as a course leader with the National Outdoor Leadership School, widely regarded as the standard setter and leader in wilderness education. Besides accumulating over 120 weeks working NOLS courses, Eli lead expeditions in places ranging from Canada's Baffin Island to Baja California's Sea of Cortez. Whether hiking, rafting, climbing or sea kayaking, Eli's goal has always been the same; to facilitate educational experiences in which people are encouraged to look inward, expanding their senses of self awareness and self confidence, while at the same time looking outward and developing deep connections to wild places and their fellow travelers. Eli has a Masters Degree in Experiential Education and believes that a great deal of learning can be found in everything we do. As a teacher, Eli balances knowledge and competence with an easy going approach and sense of humor that keeps his groups engaged and entertained. He is currently the Staff and Program Manager at Deer Hill Expeditions in Mancos, Colorado where he lives with his wife Erin and daughter Delia.

Jen Tucker Visitacion

Jennifer Tucker Visitacion, MBA, is the Founder and CEO of Moonstone Ventures, LLC, a social and environmental purpose business that is dedicated to cultivating creative, mindful and resilient leaders through leadership coaching and retreats. Moonstone’s programs and unique setting, nestled in the Heart of Colorado, utilize farming and nature as a context for examining personal resilience and sustainability and developing the internal tools to create and respond to change at home, work, and for our environment. Jen has over 18 years working in the non-profit sector in outdoor, environmental, and agricultural education, is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach, holds an MBA in Organizational and Environmental Sustainability and a BS in Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism. In addition to her adventures with Moonstone, Jen currently serves as the part-time Executive Director for Guidestone, a non-profit organization dedicated to a sustainable future for the Upper Arkansas River Valley in Colorado through strengthening and revitalizing a vibrant local food economy, preserving agricultural resources and educating for ecological literacy. Jen also serveson the Board of Directors for the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). Jen lives in Salida, Colorado as a “hack farmer”, is a spouse to an incredible man, mom to a vivacious 6 year old, and permanent caregiver to two brilliant canines and 24 well-meaning (and productive) chickens.

Jennifer Voss

As a Master Life &Equus Coach and the founder of The Truth Experience, Jennifer Voss helps others reinvent pieces of their personal and professional lives that are unhealthy or outdated. Before becoming certified as a Martha Beck Master Coach, she earned an MBA from The University of Alabama and spent 20+ years in various business ventures – ranging from owning an independent bookstore to holding an executive role within a national distribution company with a $1.3 billion annual revenue. She loves blending her business background with proven coaching methodologies to help others connect with the heart and soul of their real work in the world. Her favorite part is nailing down a vision and watching a dream come to life in a playful and healthy manner. Jennifer believes that the most efficient and effective way to do that is to connect with nature and with others who share the same vision—with those who lift us up and make the game of business and life a fun, profitable and sustainable one to play. Jennifer lives in Knoxville, TN with her husband, John, two children, Alex and Zach, two dogs and dreams of having a horse ranch someday.